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I work in the design field since 2003. Somewhere along that road I also got passionate about marketing and later became an entrepreneur. I always had a slightly different view about design. I like products that are easy to understand, easy to use, easy to recommend. I love design and I love products.

Although the startup scene grows at an amazing rate there are still few resources about product design. And a lot of bad products coming to the market. The real value of Information Architecture, User Experience and UI is still hard to get for a lot of entrepreneurs or business people.

This blog is an older dream coming true. I will share here my experience about design, digital products, user experience and marketing. I will also get other great designers, product people and marketers to contribute with their ideas, guiding principles and experience. My articles can also be valuable for entrepreneurs, managers and marketers who are working with designers.

The first rule of this blog is: there is no rule.

What you’ll find on this blog:

  • Tips & Tricks
  • How to articles
  • New ideas and viewpoints
  • Detailed case studies
  • Interviews

I’ll see you on the road. Don’t forget to subscribe for new articles.

P.S.: the product you see on the laptop above is NuJob CRM and it was designed by me and my team. See the case study here.

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