Great Product Design drives faster growth

Ciprian GavriliuHello there! I’m Ciprian Gavriliu, a Product Designer & UX Consultant. My current mission is to help SaaS businesses grow through the power of design.

I believe Great Product Design is a mix between Business Goals, User Research, Data, UX, and UI. Some of my clients are HubSpot,, and Neil Patel.

Typically, a product business has 4 steps:

  1. Acquisition (conversion)
  2. Activation (onboarding)
  3. Retention
  4. Referral

Each step comes with a unique set of challenges. And the truth is that you need to take care of all the steps. At least if you want to grow at a steady pace. You need good marketing and a good conversion rate, but you also need to onboard those users in a proper way. And once they are onboarded you want to make sure they keep coming back and not churn away. Growing when you have a big churn is like trying to carry water in a leaking bucket. It never works.

Ultimately you want to transform your users into true fans who  get you more customers through word of mouth. They will only do that if they are delighted. I like to work side by side with my clients, help them tackle real issue, break through the plateus and grow grow grow.

Here’s a list of challenges we can tackle together:

1. Audit your current product or marketing website.  I will point out the weak areas and how you can improve the structure and User Experience right away.

2. Optimize your SaaS for growth. Whether is Acquisition, Activation, Retention or Referral I will help you find a solution through design. First we will talk about the current state of Business and your Future Goals. Then we will also look at the Data & Metrics you have available. Then I will do a User Research, study the customer support tickets and talk with of users to get their input. Based on the data, insights from the users,  my experience and intuition I will create a detailed set of user flows and wireframes.

Then we will create a prototype and test it with the users. Once we iterate to a good enough solution I will take care of the visual design and you will take care of the implementation. Then we will look at the metrics to see if we move on or we get back to the drawing board.  There is no fixed recipe because every business is different but when you deeply care about your customers eventually magic happens.

3. Create a MVP for your new startup. We will talk about your business, goals and vision. I will also study your competition and market context. Then I will create a set of wireframes and tie them together on a prototype. We can go out and do some usability testing and customer development and iterate if the case. Once we get to good enough solution I can create the visual design so you can pass it along to your developers.

Than you can launch it and see real feedback from the world and keep moving forward.

4. Live Product & UX Consulting. You can fly me over for a couple of days of work and fun. We can work together on strategy, goals, metrics and getting feedback from users. Then we can tackle usability issues, draw user flows, wireframes and customer journeys. You can also ask countless questions or get custom training for your team. And off course, we can brainstorm over beers and crazy conversations. Over the years I’ve worked with developers, designers, marketers and managers so I know how to get along with each party. I can also mentor your designers or developers on site or via Skype.

So, am I any good? Some cool people think so:

For me, design is always an investment. As with every investment I want to have a great ROI on my money. Ciprian is one of those rare designers that understand this.

He focuses on the Business Perspective, User Experience, and UI design at the same time. The final design solutions that I got from him are amazing: clean, attractive, modern and conversion oriented.

I recommend Ciprian to entrepreneurs and companies that are looking for a proactive partner that will make them bigger profits.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel  Crazzy Egg, Kiss Metrics, QuickSprout,


Can I help you? The honest answere is that I don’t know until I find your story. So please shoot me an email at hello [ @ ] and let’s find out if we’re a good fit 🙂

If you’re looking for a portfolio, here you can find some of my visual works. You can also check out my Dribbble account.