How to build the next Facebook for $99 in 10 easy steps

1. Steal the idea from your brilliant Asian roommate.

2. Attend a local hackathon and “flesh out” your MVP in 1 hour. You can use the remaining 23 hours to watch GOT or play Warcraft.

3. Go to Fiverr and pay $5 to a guy from Afganistan for a fully responsive design.

4. Recruit your CTO from India. Pay him $3.99 to build your app in 2 days.

5. List your product on Product Hunt. Buy a six pack and one pizza at a local entrepreneurship meetup to get 10.000 upvotes for your listing. Don’t forget, entrepreneurs live on $2.99 / month so they always love free pizza.

6. Get your first million users through PH in the first 24 hours. Wait, this step doesn’t require any effort from you. You can watch more GOT.

7. Pay another $3.99 to scale your dev team in India to 10.000 full-time coders.

8. Hire a millennial marketer to growth hack your app from 1 million to 100 million users. You don’t need to pay her, but you can offer a latte from Starbucks for $4.99.

9. Sell your next Facebook to Facebook for $20 billion in cash.

10. Use the $20 billion to buy a private island where you can watch GOT alone, without anyone bothering you. If you get bored you still $81 and 3 cents left. You can use that to build the next Uber.

What are you waiting for? Go invite that Asian roommate for a coffee.

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